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  • 100% pure acacia honey

    Our acacia honey comes from the Kerio Valley region of Kenya. This
    semi-arid region produces a wonderfully rich, woody honey with caramel
    sweetness. We’ve sourced the highest quality pure honey that will be a
    delicious addition to your pantry staples.

    ingredients: 100% Pure Acacia honey
  • Acacia Honey with Orange

    Our orange honey is a delicate beauty that will liven up any dish
    you’re having from salads to banana bread and everything in between.
    Bintis tip: try it slathered on toast with our cashew butter and
    a sprinkling of chia seeds and berries on top. Heaven.

    ingredients: pure acacia honey, orange extract
  • Acacia Honey with Cinnamon

    Our cinnamon honey is a great addition to your breakfast.
    Whether you drizzle it on yoghurt, hot toast with melted butter, porridge or cereal.
    Wonder into the realm of savory food with this jar in hand
    for guaranteed flavor (we’re looking at you spicy chicken wings)!

    ingredients: Acacia Honey, Cinnamon extract
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  • espresso almond butter

    Warning: You may very well find yourself standing in your kitchen
    in the dark of night spooning (or shoveling) this nut butter into your mouth!
    We’ve sourced only finest natural ingredients
    to make this espresso almond butter a culinary delight!

    ingredients: Roasted Almonds, Honey, Vanilla, Espresso
  • Almond Butter

    My world stood still for a moment when I made my first jar of almond butter and yours
    most definitely will when you try this delicious jar of goodness. We’ve sourced
    only the finest ingredients to make this almond butter a luxurious and healthy treat.

    ingredients: Roasted Almonds
  • Coconut Cashew Butter

    Coconuts and cashews are a match made in food heaven.
    So it was a given we’d find a way to make a spread out of the combo.
    We’ve sourced only the finest natural ingredients to make this spread
    a permanent fixture in your pantry.

    ingredients: Roasted Cashews, Desiccated Coconuts and Honey
  • Cashew Butter

    It’s the simple things in life that blow us away. And in the realm of simplicity
    it would be hard to trounce 100% cashew butter. This buttery-soft,
    melt-in-your mouth deliciousness is made using the finest natural ingredients
    and no weird preservatives or stabilizers. Simplicity for the win!.

    ingredients: Roasted Cashews
  • Peanut butter

    The combination of peanut butter on crunchy sweet-sour apples
    is one of my most vivid food memories. It’s what started my love of nut butters.
    We’ve sourced only the finest natural ingredients and left out the sugars, preservatives and stabilizers.
    All that’s left is for you to go forth and make awesome food memories.

    ingredients: Roasted Peanuts